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Blowout Challenge with Kapsel

Hi guys!! Happy Monday. I’ve been dying to share this blog post with ya’ll!

I just recently got my first blowout. Ever. I usually get my hair blown out whenever I get my hair highlighted/cut but I never have gone just for the specific purpose of a blowout. When I found Kapsel Blow-dry Bar I was so excited to try it out! I have always heard amazing things about getting a blowout & wanted to try it for myself. Let me tell you something: it was life changing. I usually blow-dry my hair whenever I can (so, when I’m not lazy) but it never ever lasts long, takes me forever, & doesn’t look that great. Something about a professional using professional products & doing what they do best is just a game-changer. I am constantly busy & my days are full. Having my hair done is something that makes me feel a little more put together & ready to conquer the world. However, I’m horrible at doing it myself. Even though I shower everyday, I don’t wash my hair everyday. You’re actually not suppose to wash your hair everyday. Getting a blowout & being able to not wash your hair for days is way healthier on your scalp & your sanity. How much time do you spend on your hair in the morning? After you wash, blow-dry & style it could be up to an hour if not more. Thats 7 hours a week you’re spending on your hair! What would you do with those extra 7 hours?

Since getting my first blowout, I have decided that they’re not just for special occasions but way worth the money when you get them monthly or weekly. Getting blowouts regularly can help your hair because you’re not putting as much heat on it weekly + it’ll help you save time & stress (& lots of shampoo + conditioner lol). Kapsel offers a membership called Club Kapsel that offers you special perks & a blowout a month! Click here to find out more. Not only do they give an insane blowout but they’re fast, they know what they’re doing & they’re SO sweet. Everyone there is so nice & makes you feel comfortable. They also give amazing head massages when washing your hair – which is always my favorite part – HA!

Read below to see how each day went + updates on my hair for the week!

Day 1: This is right after I got my blowout. HOW PRETTY IS IT! I’m in love! You can pick between straight or curled so of course I went with some fun, beauty waves for summer. They used amazing Oribe products & my hair is volumes, shiny & soft!! My hair feels so amazing – I want my hair to look like this every day!!

Day 2: This picture was taken right after I got ready for the day. You can see the curls have fallen out while I was asleep but they still look gorgeous! I lightly brushed through them with a comb & sprayed some wave spray on it! But – that’s it! Still has tons of texture & looks put together.

Day 3: You can see that the curls have fallen! I decided to put it half-up half-down today. It turned out really cute! I once again brushed through them lightly & added some wave spray for texture.

Day 4: I woke up & it was a little messy so I decided to add some of my favorite dry-shampoo & straighten it! Since my hair is blonde, it tends to get greasy faster but dry shampoo really helps! Luckily, my hair is pretty straight so I wasn’t adding a ton of heat by straightening it.

Day 5: The back of my hair is started to look a little greasier. I added more dry shampoo & put up a messy half bun to cover up the grease! This is my go-to when I have unwashed hair. I love this look! But, my hair still has a lot of texture & shine.

Day 6: I finally gave in & had to put my hair in an updo! But I went 6 days without washing it – that is insane! I didn’t put any product in my hair today.


Overall: Blowouts are SO worth the money!! I spend so much money on shampoo, conditioner, products, etc. in order to keep my hair looking fabulous. But, I would be saving so much money if I just got a blowout once a week! Not only that, but after I washed my hair for the first time after my blowout, it felt 10X better since I wasn’t being so rough on it throughout the week. I’m so impressed with how amazing my hair feels even after 6 days & that it stayed for SO long!

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