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My Professional Teeth Whitening Experience

This post isn’t going to be the most attractive thing to look at but it’s REAL. Who hates whitening their teeth? I got so sick of it. It was painful, tasted horrible & didn’t even work. I had seen some other bloggers do this & saw how amazing their results were but thought no way it could be that easy. I talked to my dentist, Randy McCormick, & he mention Zoom. Zoom is a procedure that uses a machine by Phillips that makes your teeth shades whiter in under an hour. Crazy right? I was lucky enough to be the first  to use their new machine. The difference between this machine & their last was that this one used LED instead of UV light. The problem they ran into with the UV light is that it was causing sunburns – yikes. The good thing about this machine too is that is has sensitivity levels. So, if you’re feeling pain they are able to turn down the entirety to your comfort.


The process itself is pretty easy. First, they open. your mouth with a guard. Then, they put a gel over your gums (which is a life saver – your gums will have 0 pain!) & attach you to the machine.


You have 4 seasons of 15 minutes with this. It goes by so fast! You get to lay back too – I took a nap lol.

You see INSTANT results. It is crazy! These two pictures were taken right before & right after we started. I went a whole shade whiter!! My teeth are already pretty white, but the change was still amazing.

For the month following, as much as you can take it without hurting, you are given an at home whitening kit. After the first month you do it about once every 3 months & then once every year. Saves you so much time & $$$. I highly recommend it! This process was easy & so effective. Consult your dentist if Zoom may be an option for you!!


If you’re in Tulsa – Tulsa Dentist Dr. Randy McCormick is THE best. The atmosphere is so welcoming & all of his workers are so friendly! They helped make my process enjoyable & I didn’t even feel like I was at the dentist. Book an appointment today!


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