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My Skincare Favorites

I have been getting so many questions lately about what I use on my skin & how I keep my skin healthy & glowing. Everyone’s skin is different (I have normal-oily skin) but this is what works well for me! These products help me get / keep that ‘summer glow’ & wear less makeup. I am a huge fan of skincare over makeup. I would rather spend money & time making my natural self beautiful then covering up imperfections that some products could fix! Keep scrolling to see my secrets 😉


LumiSpa Device, $199

I LOVE this thing. I use to use the Clarisonic & it doesn’t even compare. I’ve been using this for a few months & can already see the biggest difference in my skin. It takes 2 minutes and is so gentle on the skin. This device enhances my existing beauty routine & create a youthful glow in seconds. I use this morning & night!

Tula Purifying Facial Cleanser, $28

I have always seen other bloggers use Tula & I decided to give it a try myself & now I know why they love it so much!! It has totally cleared up my skin & always leaves my skin feeling clean & purified. Their lotions are great too!!


Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, $17

This little guy saves my life. If I have a pimple I put this on & it disappears in days! I have used this for years & it works so well.


Silk Pillow Case, $79

I just started using this because my skin is so sensitive. I always wake up with perfect hair & skin thanks to Slip! It really has made a difference in my skin. Cotton can be harsh & irritable but silk is delicate on the skin & hair.


Coconut Oil, $22

Every night before bed I layer this all over my body & then shower it off in the morning so I’m not greasy! It gives my skin that glow & airbrush look that lotions don’t.

Rose Toner, $7

I use this to set my makeup & also keep one in my purse to freshen up throughout long, hot summer days!

Avocado Eye Cream, $48

I use this every morning & night under my eyes & it helps my under eye concealer go on SO smooth.


La Mer Renewal Oil, $245

This is a splurge but it is AMAZING. It has gotten rid of all my acne scars & redness. It leaves my skin looking stunning & youthful every morning when I wake up. It’s way worth the money.


Tan Mask, $38

I use this once a week & it gives my face a tan + glow. I hate tanning my face & don’t like putting self tanner on my face either. So, this is the best solution!


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