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Blondes Have More Fun

I’m so excited – I haven’t been able to do a braid since my senior year in high school!! When I was 17, I needed a change & decided to chop off all my hair. I loved it don’t get me wrong. It was easy to take care of + style & was really really cute! But … as time went on I missed my long hair. It’s no secret that my hair is not naturally blonde – so, my hair was not healthy. Due to this, I continued to chop it off each time I went back into the hair salon. Luckily – my darling hair girl, Audrey (if you’re in Tulsa hit her up!), found me the perfect color & my hair has been starting to grow + looks so healthy again!!

It’s been hard for me to do fun things with my hair since it is so short – so I was so excited to receive my Luxy Hair extensions in the mail!! I LOVE braiding & doing crazy things with my hair – I find it so fun. Plus, they look beautiful!! I am wearing the 180g Seamless Blonde Ash Blonde extensions. I thought they were going to be too blonde but they worked perfectly. They feel so good, are super comfortable on your head, & are gorgeous + shiny!! I love the seamless because they are easy to blend & are super comfy! So anyway, no this is not my real hair but I don’t care because I was able to make these amazing braids. You may be seeing some switch up between my short + long hair – I am so excited to share some more hairstyles + tutorials on NTW!!


DETAILS: JEANS | SWEATER (sold out – similar here) | BOOTIES (only $30!!) | PURSE | HAIR | SUNNIES




* In collaboration with Luxy Hair

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