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10 Products I Love

I am a product junkie. I don’t know why I feel the need to try just about every product on the market, but I do. Therefore, I like to think I know a little (or a lot) about products!! Below are my top 10 at the moment + why I love them. Enjoy!

one: Nars Concealer

This concealer is so creamy & blends in perfectly to your skin. I use it on my under eye circles && pimples – you wouldn’t even notice them after I’m done with this!

two: Shimmer Brick

I have used this exact same bronzer for years! It’s actually more of a highlight/shimmer/bronzer all in one. I love to take a big fluffy bush & just swipe this gorgeous color combo all over my face to wake me up & make me glow!

three: Cream Liner

I just recently purchased this & fell head over heels in LOVE. It’s easy to use & the perfect consistency. I have always been a bigger fan of brown > black eyeliner because it looks more natural — at least on me.

four: Face Mask

Especially in the summer my face gets dry (I have extremely oily skin though, but I love to hydrate for the sake of nourishing my skin + keeping your face moisturized can help with acne). This face mask I love because you put it on after washing your face – instead of lotion – & sleep in it! Wash it off in the morning for hydrate, soft skin!!

five: Dry Shampoo

I have talked about this before … it’s truly my saving grace & holy grail beauty product! Don’t know where I would be some of those bad hair days w/o this.

six: Rose Facial Water

This is defiantly a luxury beauty product, not because of the price $ but more so for the use. There really is no true, specific use but I use it for just about everything from cooling off on a hot day to setting my makeup.

seven: Tanning Lotion

I am white as a ghost so this product is one I’ve had for a while & use all the time! I have tried a bunch of self-tanners & this one works really well for me.

eight: Velvet Teddy

My go-to, everyday lip color!!

nine: Blowout Cream

Not only does this stuff smell amazing but it helps detangle & defrizz my hair while I blow dry it! I even use it as a leave in conditioner some times.

ten: Rosebud Salve

I put this on my lips + eyelids every night before bed, or if I have an acne scar. Love this stuff!

P.S. —- Just got this mascara & LOVE it. Anyone else use it?? Best drug store mascara on the market 🙂





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